Sr.IF featured on FIRE DRILL Podcast | Entrevista do Sr.IF no podcast FIRE DRILL (post in english)

   Essa semana o Sr.IF teve o privilégio de participar do podcast FIRE Drill, infelizmente a entrevista foi gravada toda em inglês mas você pode ouvir diretamente pelo site ou pelo iTunes Fire Drill Podcast utilizando qualquer aplicativo de podcast.


   Hello there, if you are reading this you've probably heard my story on the latest episode of FIRE Drill Podcast. Although my blog is completely in portuguese you are more than welcome to browser thru some pages, over the past year I wrote about my final 365 days before reaching FIRE and now the majority of posts are about my transition and future plans to relocate to Bali and traveling around the globe.

   I also share my net worth and investing strategies thru monthly balance posts, these are in Portuguese as well but as for today my investments are as follows:

Brazilian Banks Stocks: US68K
Brazilian REITs: US500k
Brazilian Treasury Bonds: US112k
US ETFs (Stocks, bonds and REITs): US116k
Bitcoin: US4k
Real Estate: US200k

Total net worth: USD 1 million

   My yearly passive income is around US55k and my basic spendings are predicted to be US25k not including all the trips I have planned for this years. My biggest basic spendings will be housing (US12k), healthcare (US3k) and food (US4,5k)…. The rest of the money will be used for entrainment and traveling.

   My investment strategy is to buy assets that are 100% cashflow producers, I don’t count on asset appreciation and only focus on the monthly returns each investment gives me, inflation is a big concern in Brazil so most of my portfolio has some correlation to inflation. I also have no plans to ever "touch" the principal and to only live on dividends and rent, the passive income received on the previous month is used to cover expenses of the current month, currently my income is twice the expenses so the remaining balance is put aside to be reinvested and spent on trips or unforeseen emergencies, that's what I call "15% rule". To sum it up, the passive income from previous month, minus current month expenses, minus 15% of previous month expenses (which must be reinvested)... what is left is meant to be spent on whatever I want or need and must not be reinvested, this is to avoid scarcity or money hoarding mindset while I still protect my net worth from inflation by reinvesting part of it each month (15%).

   On a typical month my portfolio cashflows as follows:

   Brazilian Banks Stocks dividends: US230
   Brazilian REITs dividends: US3.000
   Brazilian Treasury Bonds dividends: US350
   US ETFs (Stocks, bonds and REITs dividends): US200
   Bitcoin: 0
   Real Estate (Rent): US660

   TOTAL monthly passive income: USD 4.440

   The first month as financially independent and early retiree was awesome, ofter so much struggle for the past 5 years I was finally able to relax, get some real sleep and work on my heath (already lost 9 pounds since may last day of work and feeling better each day). Looking forward for my new life in Bali and even more excited to spend some time in Australia as my first travel destination after FIRE.

   Thank you for dropping by, it was awesome to participate on Fire Drill Podcast and to share a little of my story. Please fell free to leave questions and comments bellow… I read and answer each one of them.